Some Resources That Might Be Helpful

Mental Health

BC Mental Health Support Line at 310-6789 (no area code needed, available 24/7)

Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre at 1-800-665-1822 or

Substance Affected

First Session
If you decide that you want to work with Kim for counselling, your next step will involve making another appointment with her. A first appointment should be a time to get comfortable and acquainted with your counselor as well as with the process of counseling. First appointments are a “get to know you” session in which the client tells the counsellor as much (or as little) as they want to share about themselves and the situation that brought them into counseling. 

Kim's clients would probably tell you that first appointments with her tend to be laid back and conversational. She would like her clients to feel that she is a professional who has the skills, knowledge, and experience to help them heal, but would also like them to see her as a human being who has a heart and passion for their well-being. She wants to connect with her clients and have them connect with her, because this connection is where true healing can begin to take root.

It may take time to trust your counsellor. Don't feel rushed to open up, and just let it happen at its own pace. Remember, though, that openness and honesty about your thoughts, feelings, and experiences will help the counsellor to understand your needs and struggles as well as figure out how to best help you.

How Can You Make the Most of Your Counselling Sessions?
Do you have an idea of what you’d like to get out of therapy – how will you know that therapy has been successful? The therapist-client relationship is exactly that - a relationship. You're a co-creator of this relationship. If you go into it saying, “Here are my goals, my expectations, my preferences for how to proceed, and what matters to me the most” you may be able to identify the benefits of counselling in a more concrete way.

Be completely honest. Kim encourages her clients to be honest with her throughout the process, and wants to make sure that they feel comfortable and connected with her during sessions. If for some reason you aren’t connecting with your therapist after a few sessions, let them know! A good counselor will want to know how you’re doing and will be open to suggestions in order to connect with you in the best possible way.

Don’t let the unknowns of therapy keep you from finding peace and joy in your life.

Take charge of your healing by making that first appointment,

and start working towards greater peace, joy, connection, and wellness!

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