What is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC)?
A Registered Clinical Counsellor is a professional who has completed a Master’s degree in psychology and has become certified by the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC). Requirements for obtaining RCC certification include a Master’s degree, specific graduate-level coursework, evidence of obtaining at least 100 hours of clinical supervision, appropriate professional liability insurance, relevant work experience, and a clean criminal records check. As well, registered clinical counsellors must follow the ethical guidelines and standards of practice set by the BCACC.

In BC, anybody can call themselves a “counsellor” or a “therapist” without obtaining any specialized training. It’s important to ensure that the counsellor you’re entrusting with your own well-being is part of a governing body that has standards for education and practice as well as a formal code of ethics. This is one of the benefits of seeing a Registered Clinical Counsellor – individuals with an RCC designation are trained, registered, insured, and regulated health care professionals.

 How is a Registered Clinical Counsellor different from a Psychiatrist or a Psychologist?
Psychiatrists are medical doctors who have obtained additional specialized training in psychiatry. Psychiatrists are able to prescribe medications and work mainly in hospitals or outpatient clinics where they deal with serious mental illnesses. Because their services are covered under the provincial Medical Services Plan, the wait list to see a psychiatrist can often be six months or more.

Psychologists in BC must have obtained a doctoral degree in psychology. Unlike psychiatry, psychology is a non-medical discipline that is mainly concerned with the normal functioning of the mind. Psychologists are not able to prescribe medication, and their services are not covered under the provincial Medical Services Plan. Psychologists typically charge $150 or more per hour.

 What issues can Clinical Counsellors help you with?

  • Exploring alcohol or substance use, as well as relationship issues that involve addiction 
  • Working on marital and relationship difficulties
  • Recovering from grief, loss, and trauma
  • Managing feelings of depression, anxiety, anger, and stress
  • Establishing healthy relationships and effective boundaries
  • Dealing with eating-related problems and weight management
  • Engaging in self-discovery and building self-esteem
  • Strengthening communication skills
  • Coping with chronic pain and autoimmune disorders
  • Discussing life changes and questions about identity
  • Exploring career options and work related issues
  • And many other concerns as well ….

What are the benefits of seeing a clinical counsellor?
An RCC can help you develop the insight to recognize, prevent, and change dysfunctional thoughts, behaviors, and feelings as well as enhance your relationship with yourself and others. You can make an appointment with an RCC on your own without needing to obtain any sort of referral.

 How is counselling different from other relationships I already have?
The counselling relationship is not like talking to a friend or sharing your feelings with a parent or sibling. These people are a part of your everyday life; you know them and they know you. You can't always be sure that they won't tell others about your problems, but at least some of them will likely be there to celebrate your successes and provide you with support into the future.

In contrast, counselling generally involves sharing your feelings with a stranger. This stranger may know virtually nothing about you, but is partnering with you to benefit your wellbeing. This partnership is dedicated to helping you identify and strengthen the skills, knowledge, and resources that will allow you to improve your own situation by sorting out difficulties and bringing greater peace and joy into your life.

 Is clinical counselling covered by MSP? How much will it cost me?
No, unfortunately clinical counselling services are not currently covered under the provincial Medical Services Plan.

Kim typically charges $110 for a 60-minute counselling session and $60 for a 30-minute counselling session. However, Kim’s fees are based on a sliding scale and may be reduced; if your financial situation is a problem that would make seeing a counsellor difficult, please book a free consultation with Kim and discuss your particular situation directly with her.

** Kim makes a strong effort not to turn anybody away from counselling for financial reasons, and encourages individuals who would benefit from either individual or couples counselling to contact her. **

Some third party insurance plans offer coverage for the counselling services provided by RCC’s, so make sure to check with your plan provider prior to your first appointment. Kim’s services may be covered by several insurance plans, including the following, and she would be happy to discuss coverage with you at your first appointment:

  • Crime Victim Assistance Program
  • Charles Nechum
  • Green Shield Canada
  • Great West Life
  • Workplace Options
  • ICBC

 How many times do I have to come see a counsellor?

The number of treatments needed differs from person to person. Kim will discuss this with you, and make recommendations that are tailored to your particular situation.

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